CR-T Silencer with de-kat pipe

Slip-on silencer. The De-Kat specific link pipe is included in the kit. It’s 70mm link pipe diameter.
To have the maximum performance of the exhaust is recommended to install an added power unit.
Everything to install the exhaust on the bike is included: 1 silencer, 1 link pipe, springs and screws, high temperature stickers

24 months SC-Project official guarantee
Racing version, not for road use, with the following noise level:
at 4.400 rpm: 111 dB
at 7.000 rpm: 118 dB
at 8.000 rpm: 123 dB
Racing version, not for road use. CR-T is a “Race Replica” silencer, coming directly from the MotoGP, so there is not the possibility to have db-killer inside the CR-T silencer.

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